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Welcome To Our VOIP2320 Sales Affiliate Program!
Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. VOIP2320 Sales Affiliates generate sales leads and in return receive a commission payment.
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How Does It Work?
When you join our VOIP2320 Sales Affiliate program, you will be provided with an affiliate account. When you send qualified leads to VOIP230 and the leads turn into a sales you will earn a commission based on your commission type.
Real-Time Statistics and Reporting are available in your affiliate account!
Login 24 hours a day to check your sales and commission account balance.
 Program Details
 Commission Type  Pay-Per-Sale 10% for each sale you deliver.
 Payout Requirements $25.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
 Payout Duration Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.

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